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Production and function of straight-through cable and twisted pair cable

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There are 2 kinds of network cable crystal heads, and the line sequence of the network cable when it is made:
The line sequence described by the T568A standard is from left to right: 1-white green, 2-green, 3-white orange, 4-blue, 5-white blue, 6-orange, 7-white brown, 8-brown.
The line sequence described by the T568B standard is from left to right: 1-white orange, 2-orange, 3-white green, 4-blue, 5-white blue, 6-green, 7-white brown.
Straight-through cable, usually used for direct interconnection between two computers without passing through a switch, or some connection between an advanced router and a smart switch. The standard production method is that one end of the network cable is made in the T568A line sequence, and the other end is T568B line sequence production.
Crossover cable, the most common way to make network cable. The standard production method is that the two wires of the cable are made by T568B wire sequence. If you can't remember the wire sequence, you can make it according to any wire sequence, as long as the cable has 2 crystal heads. The line sequence is the same, the effect is the same, but it does not meet international standards.